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115 Facts You Never Knew About Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

Courtesy By Dave Schneider 115 Facts You Never Knew About Social Media. It is undeniable that social media has become a huge aspect of modern society. In today’s society, 92% of teenagers are online every day, and 71% use more than one social network. In total, 31% of the global population engage in social media. To reach people 45 years and older, Facebook and LinkedIn are the most efficient platforms. Younger people, however,(between 18 and 29) are turning to Twitter to promote their skills and employability. To find out different ways that social media is used in day-to-day life, check out the infographic below…           Dave is the Co-Founder of Ninja Outreach and has a passion for digital marketing and travel. You can find him at @ninjaoutreach and dave@ninjaoutreach.com.
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