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Archive | March, 2014

Effective Ways to Promote Products

Hello, Norberto here. No matter what kind of products or services that you choose to promote there are effective ways in which to get the word out about the products. Most people choose a combination of all the ways I will talk about below to market the affiliate products that they choose for their target […]

An Important Yet Often Ignored Component

Here’s a great article Yesterday we talked about how important is to track clicks and sales. That you will not ever know how to improve your sales if you’re not tracking metrics. Today, I’m going to talk to you about something a lot of affiliate marketers do not do, that they really need to do […]

Why Tracking Clicks & Sales Is So Important

Here’s a great article The days are flying by. I hope you’re having as much fun reading as I am talking to you through these blog posts. Yesterday we talked about ad placement and this week we are going to talk about tracking clicks and sales and why it’s so important to do that. “Click […]

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