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4 Work At Home Job Search Tips

When doing a work at home job search you need to have your ducks in a row. That is to say you need to be organized and very crystal clear about what your goals are for the job you are searching for. Here are 4 tips to help you do that. 1. Why? Why do you want a work at home job should be a question that you have already answered. Some people currently have a job and they would like to quit it and stay at home. Others do not have a job at all and need one. A third group of work at home job seekers are people who just want to supplement their income in a part-time way. Understanding why you want to stay home and work is important in identifying the kind of job you are willing to take. 2. Where? This may sound like a funny question to ask yourself, but not all work at home jobs are strictly working at home. Some may fall more into the home-based category. You may start at home, but end up out in the marketplace for one reason or another. For example, if you start a dog walking business, you could work at home, but your business will take you out to where the dogs are. Many outside sales positions fall into this category as well. Even joining a direct sales company could have you out in the marketplace. Although many direct sales opportunities have excellent internet websites and provide shipping, you may still have to interact with your customers in person. goprofitsitefbpic (1) 3. When? When are you available to work will determine what kind of work at home job you take. Some jobs are flexible and you can work them around your own schedule, while others require a specific timeframe you have to work. If you are a stay-at-home mom this might dictate the type of work at home job you find. 4. How? You can work for an employer from home, or even start your own home business and work for yourself at home. Many work from home jobs now come with a guaranteed hourly rate or salary, as well as benefits. You are working from home at the convenience of your employer. Starting a home business might be something you could consider, and many of these today can be run at home, or while you were traveling on a smart phone or laptop. These four work at home job search tips should help you get better organized and have a clearer picture of exactly what you're hoping to accomplish working from home.

Do A Work At Home Search To Find Work And Make Money

If you are doing a work at home job search and looking for a way stay home and make money I am going to give you several ways to do that. It is up to you to find the one that appeals to you. You can relax and feel good about these ways to make money because millions of people just like you and me are already doing them. They do work when you know how to do them and are actually willing to work! That is the hard part for many people who are working from home. You have to be disciplined enough to work when you know you need to. You do not have a boss telling you to sit down and go to work. It’s 100% up to you to get your work done. 1. Direct sales. Avon is a worldwide company with over $10 billion in sales. They are perhaps the best example of a direct sales opportunity. You may be thinking that Avon is not a way to work at home and make money. In reality it’s just the opposite. Avon representatives spend more time at home working then they do out in the field. As a matter of fact many of them do not ever visit their customers face to face. They let the Avon program do all the work for them. There are many direct sales opportunities just like this. Go to DirectSelling411 to find one and get started. 2. Affiliate marketing. This is one of my favorites which explains why I join affiliate programs. One way to make money in affiliate marketing is to sell something and get paid commissions on it. One nice thing about some affiliate programs is you can earn residual income every month that your customer is active. Residual Income means you will earn an amount on a month by month basis. You can also make money getting leads for companies. This is known as cost per action programs. You can even make money when people click on ads. 3. MLM. This business model is popular for people who want to get paid on the efforts of others. Sponsor people and make money when they sell products or purchase products for their own personal use. The process repeats itself and as the people you sponsor also sponsor new distributors. Eventually you can have a very large group of people you’re earning money on. 4. Get paid to programs. These don’t take any skills and are a good example of people who want to sit down at their computer and make some money. One of the most popular ways to do this is to get paid to take surveys. This is legitimate as companies like Cash Crate, In Box Dollars and others have paid out millions of dollars in commissions. You can also get paid to do other things such as typing, reading email, posting blog comments, and much more. There are other ways to do a work at home job search and find ways to make money. Telecommuting is an example of this where you actually do a job for a company and stay home and do it. Take your time and research various ways to work and make money until you find one that appeals to you.

Top Work At Home Job Search Websites According To Google And Yahoo

Work at home job search websites come in various sizes and shapes so to speak. Some strictly offer work at home jobs while others offer information on ways to make money at home working for yourself. In this article let's look at some of the top work at home job search websites according to Google and Yahoo. 1. Monster. This is a very large website for finding jobs in general. They do have a specific area on their site for work at home jobs and part time jobs. You can zero in a specific keywords as well as the location by city, state, or zip code. You will be able to find jobs that are not location specific as well. These are looking for people to work at home regardless of where you live. They were one of the first job websites and are over 15 years old now. The site is easy to get around in. 2. Flex Jobs. This used to be know as TJobs and is a great site for finding telecommuting jobs. These are jobs where you work for an employer, but you are home based. You may work strictly from your home. or you may start at home and work out in the marketplace. Outside sales jobs are a good example of this. Flex Jobs is a paid membership site. They claim the average worker spends 10-15 hours a week looking for work, and they can help you find a positive outcome. They offer skills testing, newsletters, email and Twitter alerts, and much more. Over all people report being very happy with them. 3. Indeed. This is a great site for finding online jobs which works well for people who want to stay at home and make money. You can sort by relevance including the salary you want to earn, company, job type, and more. This lets you zero in on a work at home job search specifically for you. They have related forums you can join and hang out with other members you have things in common with. The shared stories area is a source of positive results you can feed off of why you are doing a job search. 4. WAHM. This site comes up at the top of Yahoo. It is great for finding work at home jobs and spotting scams as well. They caution you on paying any money. In reality unless you are joining a membership site you should not have to pay top do a work at home job search.
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