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7 Ways to Make Money from Your Content Online

Do you remember ‘Charlie bit my finger’? Charlie’s family certainly does: they made £120,000 in YouTube earnings. Yet, this remains an exception; unless they go incredibly viral, YouTube videos aren’t a reliable source of income. However, it doesn … 7 lesser-known ways to make money from your content online
However, it doesn’t mean you can’t monetize your digital content online. Yet you may want to look elsewhere than Google and turn to smaller companies. Several of them are experimenting business models that go well beyond the traditional CPM approach for online ad impressions, resulting in interesting returns for authors and publishers. The startup insists that its model is much better adapted to monetizing “valuable content” than fully ad-supported options à la YouTube, where the impression threshold to start earning money is quite high. However, Pivotshare runs advertising, and users can designate free content that viewers can watch before they sign up.  

Stop Wasting Time & Money On Your Content Marketing

Following are eight ways in which content marketers often waste time and money on content marketing — accompanied … You might be surprised at the difference this subtle change in your pitch can make. Having a well-documented content strategy can … Stop Wasting Time & Money On Your Content Marketing
Getting buy-in from management for new marketing initiatives is always somewhat challenging, and that is no different when it comes to content marketing. And as content marketing has grown in adoption, many executives think they know what it’s all about, but may associate it with big brands and therefore, big budgets. Being awesome at storytelling is always a plus when practicing content marketing, but it’s not a requirement. However, being able to help and educate your audience through the content you create is essential to achieving success. If your content doesn’t meet those criteria, it really doesn’t matter how good “the story” is.  
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