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Why Work From Home Scams Persist : NPR

Why Work From Home Scams Persist  NPR

Go anywhere on the Internet and your bound to see ads that read: work from home, earn thousands of dollars a week. Click on one of them and you enter a world that has ensnared tens of thousands of people in a variety of money-losing ventures. Why Work From Home Scams Persist
Now to money and jobs. You've seen those ads. Make $2,000 a week working from home. They're on telephone poles and classifieds and on the Internet. They scream, just click here. But what happens after you click can be a long, disappointing and expensive ordeal. As Audrey Quinn of our Planet Money team reports, the industry behind these ads takes in tens of millions of dollars each year. AUDREY QUINN, BYLINE: The first thing you have to know is these ads are not for actual work-at-home jobs. One or two clicks in, these companies tell you that the real easy way to get rich is by starting your own online business. You can stay in your pajamas, sell stuff on the Internet, make easy money. But the only way that will work is if you buy their system. Their sales pitch comes over the phone, and there is a science to how good they are at getting your money. The Federal Trade Commission, the FTC, they've been tracking these calls. They gave me one.

Driven to succeed in the advertising business

That's what made his approach to business seem so last century … a big user of social media in his work, “I view all outdoor advertising as stuff that amplifies what I'm doing.” The Carvertise analytics enable him to measure the exposure of his … Driven to succeed in the advertising business
His market research in summer 2012, as he prepared to start his junior year at the University of Delaware, involved going door-to-door in neighborhoods around campus, recording answers to his questions on a clipboard. Chief among them: Would you be willing to drive around with an ad affixed to the outside of your car for money? That's considered at least 10 years off, industry observers say. For now, drivers are an essential ingredient to the Carvertise experience, said cofounder Greg Star, 24, also a University of Delaware graduate. He joined Nagaswami in business after the latter spoke about it as a guest lecturer at one of Star's classes at Delaware. 
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