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14 Ways to Grow Your Small Business

a “social-first digital shop that focuses on storytelling across platforms”. Vaynerchuk loves to share his knowledge about entrepreneurship and growing your small business using content marketing, creative campaigns and social media. Here are 14 of … 14 Ways to Grow Your Small Business Gary Vaynerchuk is the Belarusian business mogul who transformed his father’s $3 million wine business into a $60 million empire. He used YouTube to start Wine Library TV which now has over 15,500 subscribers. His love of video marketing and staying on top of the latest Internet advances led him to create Vayner Media; a “social-first digital shop that focuses on storytelling across platforms”. You should always be looking for the next opportunity to grow and market your business. In the past few years, that’s expanded from simply having your own website to being found on Google, growing your social media accounts, building a mobile app, creating video content on YouTube and countless other online opportunities. Don’t be afraid to embrace the changes in the marketing landscape to ensure you stay ahead of your competitors in an ever-crowded digital marketplace.

How To Maximize Your Time On Pinterest as a Small Business | BlogHer

Check out these tips for creating the best possible environment for your small business to succeed on this platform. Repinning Is Important To show your followers that you’re paying attention, take a few moments each weekday to browse Pinterest and repin … How To Maximize Your Time On Pinterest as a Small Business
While scheduling pins is an option for business account holders, use this tool wisely.  If you’re already going to be utilizing the platform each day, pinning new content won’t be difficult. However, to keep your account active and engaging over the weekend or during vacation or absences, the scheduling feature can keep the ball rolling for you even if you’re not actively pinning from your computer or phone. Pinterest is the most visual platform of all social media channels. In order to get good engagement from your followers, your images need to be top-notch. If you follow a media schedule or marketing calendar, you can have pins planned in advance to correlate with your other social posts for a cohesive message across all platforms. A plan like this can also help you create images in batches so that everything is ready ahead of time. Using a photo editing site like Canva or Fotor can help you place text on images to give pinners a better idea of what your pin is all about. These images can then be repinned and repurposed for a great reach across the Pinterest platform.  
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