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How to Craft Your Social Media Marketing Plan #MarketingPlan


Having these objectives allows you to quickly react when social media campaigns aren't meeting your expectations. Without these goals, you have no means of gauging your success and no means of proving your return on investment. You don’t want to get … How to Craft Your Social Media Marketing Plan You don’t want to get carried away, however; too many goals are worse than none at all. That’s why you should limit yourself to two primary goals and two secondary goals. For example, a primary goal could be to raise brand awareness or increase customer loyalty. A secondary goal could be to generate more traffic to your website or build your list of newsletter subscribers. Based on these goals, you’ll choose the social networking sites you’ll use. Step two involves conducting a social media audit. It’s important to assess your current social media use and how it's working for you. This requires figuring out who is connecting to you via social media, which social media sites your target market uses, and how your social media presence compares to that of your competitors’. It will become evident which accounts need to be updated and which need to be deleted altogether once you see the numbers.

Facebook’s Next B2B Move: Small Business Videos | PYMNTS.com

pymnts.com Facebook — and social media in general — has never been a sure thing for … Reports by Fortune on Wednesday (March 2) said Facebook revealed its newest tool for small businesses: Your Business Story. It’s a solution that helps the 50 million … Facebook’s Next B2B Move: Small Business Videos
Facebook — and social media in general — has never been a sure thing for business users, but that doesn’t mean its popularity among entrepreneurs is weak. Even in the B2B realm, research released last year found that more than half of B2B sellers have considered using Facebook to reach corporate clients — surpassed only by the LinkedIn platform. It seems the digital video war is off and running, and Facebook’s latest strategy is to nab the business crowd. Reports said Facebook is already doing well in its B2B services, with 3 million firms paying to advertise on the site — a 50 percent increase from just a year ago, according to the company. Still, the company will not disclose how much small businesses are actually contributing to its multi-billion dollar ad earnings.  
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