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4 Social Media Marketing Tips for Home Based Business | EllenKay

4 Social Media Marketing Tips for Home Based Business | EllenKay Image for 4 Social Media Marketing Tips for Home Based Business | EllenKay

4 Social Media Marketing Tips for Home Based Business

Have you been trying to build your home business on social media, and it just doesn’t seem to be working? Here are 4 Social Media Marketing Tips that are easy to implement so you can focus on building your home based business.

Why Social Media

There are many ways to meet new people to build your business. Social media is my preferred place to build your home based business since there are so many people there on a daily basis.

Since I have limited time for building, I also find it much quicker to meet new people and build relationships with them on social media.


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4 Social Media Marketing Tips for Home Based Business

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Social Media Marketing Tip #1 – Pick One

Pick one platform, and master it.

Pick one social media platform, and master it! Click To Tweet

It doesn’t matter which social media platform you want to use. They all work.

You choose which platform you want to be on, whether that’s Facebook or YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Google+. You pick the platform that you want to be on.

Focus on that platform, and learn everything you can about that platform until you achieve mastery on that particular one. Once you have achieved mastery, you can move on and select another platform to add to your social media marketing.

It is so important though to focus on just that one. Otherwise, you will be doing a little bit here, a little bit there, and your efforts will be so watered down. You will not make real progress on any platform because you’re focusing your efforts in too many different places.

I encourage you to pick one platform. Learn everything you can about that platform before moving on to another.

Social Media Marketing Tip #2 – Style Content For That Platform

Share content that is specifically styled for that social media platform.

Each social media platform is just a little bit different. Let’s take video, for example. Video is very popular on any platform that you go to, but every platform has its own specific style of video that is most shared on that platform.

For example, the videos shared on Facebook are shorter videos, whereas, videos on YouTube are a little bit longer in nature where people are going to learn new skills and search for answers to specific questions. People are actually spending more time on those videos in order to pick up those tips and tricks.

Video on Twitter and Instagram are much shorter than what they are in some of the other platforms.

Be sure that the content that you’re sharing on the social media platform that you choose is styled according to what an audience on that platform is looking.

Social Media Marketing Tip #3 – Use A Social Media Calendar

Use a social media calendar, especially when you’re first starting out.

To look at that blank post and try to figure out what you’re going to share with your audience on that day can just be overwhelming.

I suggest having a social media calendar where you can pre-plan. Sit down at the beginning of the month and decide what you’re going to share for the entire month.

It will release some of the stress when you have a plan and an idea of what you’re going to share each day when you show up on that social media platform.

Themed Days for Social Media Calendar

Another step that you can do is to have themed days of the week. One day, Mondays for example, you share information about your specific products and service.

Tuesdays can be Testimonial Tuesday where you’re sharing testimonies of people that have used your service and products.

On Wednesdays, you may share a quick tip or trick that your audience can implement in order to benefit from the information that you’re sharing.

Another day may be quick action steps that your audience can use in order to make some progress in their journey, whatever that journey may be.

One day of the week, you may share a little bit information about what you like best about your business or a little bit about you so that your audience can get to know a little bit about who you are and how you can help them.

Having a social media calendar with specific themed days throughout the week is also going to help you get past that blank post so that you have some ideas before jumping into social media on how you can share that information and help your audience each day of the week.

Social Media Marketing Tip #4 – Show Up Consistently

Consistency. Show up consistently, daily if possible.

Your audience is looking for the help, the tips and tricks that you can provide them. Showing up consistently is going to show your commitment to helping them in their journey.

To make sure you are showing up consistently, find a way to build social media time into your calendar each and every day.

Build social media time into your calendar each and every day. Click To Tweet


There you have it, four social media marketing tips to help you grow your home business faster.

It’s your turn. Post your favorite social media marketing tip in the comments below.


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Ellen Kay Kirchdoerfer

Email: Ellen@EllenKayOnline.com

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