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6 Rudiments for Online Marketing Success

By Norberto Mercado


Starting your business has never been as easy as it is today. Any serious minded person with a URL, good product, and a PayPal account can give it a shot. Which means it is easy for everybody.

The world of ecommerce is becoming crowded and the competition is hitting the roof. So, the question remains; how do you create a product, brand, or service that would stand out? Let me drive you through the six basic tips that can help your small business succeed in today’s online marketplaces.

1. Find yourself the right ecommerce platform

There are numerous online market places where you or anyone can sell goods and services, but you must be informed that each one of them has a different mission, fee structure and target audience. Hence, you must thread wisely by choosing the marketplace that supports your brand and makes you feel comfortable. Check for their cancellation policies and customer reviews, then break down the list of options to the one that best suits you.

Are you a product manufacturer? If yes, then you should consider selling your goods on sites like Amazon or Ebay. Not forgetting to introduce aftcra. This is my site, and it targets crafters and artisans looking to sell special crafty handmade products.

2. The Importance of Branding.

the-importance-of-social-media-monitoring-for-your-brand-resized-6001 First, you need to know what your brand is. Simply put; your brand is your promise to customers and houses your reputation. You must strive hard to protect your reputation and brand.

Create a Brand Overview (your company’s vision, mission and values) that is simple and jargon free.

Next is for you to build an easy to understand and easy to replicate Brand Guideline document (logo, scheme, color, messages and tagline), to enable you store the details of your organization in one location. By so doing, it will present an organized company summary for both existing and new staffs and also inform everything else you do.

3. Product’s Image

When customers make a purchase online, they base their decision from your product image. To create an appealing product photo, take photos that keep potential buyers thinking, “I, my home or life will resemble this image if I buy this product.

Take off distractions in the photo (i.e. things that are unnecessary to that photo). It would do more good than harm when you use natural light and your product displayed in a more natural background. Like having clothing on a person, towels in a bathroom etc. Be sure to have numerous pictures taken, like detail shots or size comparisons.

4. Customer service.

One of the most effective ways to keep potential buyers coming back and to record large sales for any business is to have a good customer service. Most especially online where personal experiences are reduced. Potential buyers search for companies that have good ratings and review. They all look out for real voices and what others are saying about your product to help them pilot an impersonal world. That’s why you must create a human connection whenever you have the chance to do so.

Personalize your shipments by simply addressing the buyer personally with a thank-you note including samples of your product to advertise your collection. This can make your customers loyal to your brand and it builds customer relationship which could lead to loads of referrals and positive reviews.

Ensure the customer service throughout your organization is prompt and consistent. Train employees to handle criticism, complaints or suggestions from customers with consistent, positive messages and tone of voice.

5. Product name and description.

The description and name of your product has a lot in play when it comes to search engine queries in most market places.

Socialmedia-trends-for-2013 Product titles are added into URLs in several marketplaces, thereby allowing your product to be found by search engines. It is imperative you construct your product title in way that it describes your business/ product. The title “Kitchen Kettle Burner” is not descriptive enough and might not be pop up in search engine queries like “Home-made Kitchen Kettle Burner Silver and Tower.” The title that is more descriptive in nature has a greater chance of showing up in searches for “kettle,” “tower,” “burner silver,” etc.

Your product description must be made simple and informative, and contain any important detail like dimensions, color options, care instructions, shipping duration). Do not forget to hit on what the product is about and how it is to be used. How to use the product might seem very understanding to you, but trust me it won’t be as easy to your potential buyer. So do not assume it is.

6. Get social.

Do not under estimate the power of social media. If you effectively use the numerous social media platforms available at your disposal, you would be shocked to find out how much of a big partner this is to your business. Though, this requires a lot of your time and energy unlike what most people think. But it has the potentiality of nurturing relationship with customers and connects your business with other online sellers if used effectively.

Every social media platform attracts a different audience. Instagram and Pinterest is a platform for your products beautiful photographs, which is liable to attract more sales for you. Facebook is a platform where your customers can compliment your services, and this is liable to bring you more referrals. Twitter allows you to share your product promotions and company updates with lots of followers.

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