Branding For Authors

Branding For Authors

If you exist, and if anyone knows you, you have a brand. You may not be able to articulate it, it may not be well developed, and it may not be what you would have chosen for yourself, but the fact remains: you have a brand.

Successful authors, like successful businesses, learn to manage their brand. They promote it in everything they do. And over time, their brand pays back huge dividends by promoting them.

Authors define success in many different ways. For some, success is temporal; they dream of making the New York Times Bestseller List or being named as one of Oprah’s Picks. Others seek immortality; they want to publish seminal works and be quoted by future generations. Some want to make the world a better place through their philosophical or spiritual contributions. Many seek financial success (as measured by wealth or just achieving a comfortable lifestyle). According to legend, some authors have been known to write as an act of self-actualization – because “becoming” is enough. But who believes in legends?

Regardless of how you define success, the key performance indicator seems to be the same: “followers.”

Bestselling authors need followers, now. Historical success requires generations of followers. Financial success requires millions of buyers. Social, philosophical or spiritual impact requires converts. Self-actualization requires only one follower, but the existence of that follower defines the very process.

The good news for all authors is that brand and success are mutually accelerating. That is to say, “successful authors build brand, and brand builds successful authors.” It’s not just a case of correlation. It’s cause-and-effect. Evidence exists in all genres and throughout history.