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Business idea also requires solid plan | Editorials | yakimaherald.com

 Editorials | yakimaherald.com

Business idea also requires solid plan Forbes magazine reports that small businesses account for more than 50 percent of this country’s jobs. But perhaps their greatest value is not fiscal but aspirational. Our economic system allows individuals to turn a good idea into a means of making a … A successful small business requires much from its owners: passion, knowledge of its market niche, commitment, flexibility and solid relationships with suppliers, sales outlets and customers. It also requires a plan. Since 2010, the Enterprise Challenge — a project of New Vision, Yakima County’s economic development arm — has helped local business owners come up with a plan that improves chances for success.

How does small-business owner leave work at work? Via dhbusinessledger.com

  How does small-business owner leave work at work? Share the load. Small business owners can accomplish some pretty remarkable things, but there are times when there’s just too much for one person to handle. It’s always a good idea to delegate responsibilities to employees, even when the workload is … Running a small business can be the most exciting, challenging and perhaps even exhilarating experience of one’s life. Amid all the headaches, deadlines and responsibilities that only you can fulfill, there’s something satisfying about knowing that, at the end of the workday, you did a lot of good work. What an entrepreneur needs is balance — the ability to give 100 percent to the business, and then leave it to give 100 percent to his or her personal life. That’s not always easy to do, especially when you’re starting out or tackling a huge workload. But it can be done. And more importantly, it has to be done.

Staples helps small businesses succeed and grow in the New Year with the launch of Quick Wins app | Via eprretailnews.com

Staples helps small businesses succeed and grow in the New Year with the launch of Quick Wins app 2016-1-5 — /EPR Retail News/ — Staples (NASDAQ: SPLS) today announced the launch of its Quick Wins app to help small businesses succeed and grow in the New Year. The Quick Wins app offers business-specific ideas, metrics and community support in one … Most small businesses (72 percent) want assistance getting their business metrics on track, yet two in five (41 percent) are not sure what business metrics they should focus on in order to ensure their success. Through Staples Quick Wins app, small businesses will sync their most important business metrics such as Facebook and Twitter engagement, site traffic, sales and tools such as Google Analytics and QuickBooks to pull in key financial, website and marketing metrics that can be tracked daily and weekly. Instagram and MailChimp will be available at a later date. Based on these metrics, Quick Wins will provide business-specific ideas to grow their small business. The Quick Wins app also gives members access to a community of small business peers where they can ask questions and support each other with ideas, something most (62 percent) small businesses are interested in. The Staples Quick Wins app is the latest addition to a suite of services and products Staples offers small business customers. From the MORE account, Staples Business Loans and Staples Rewards® to Print and Marketing Services and Tech Services, Staples offers small businesses everything needed to make more happen.      
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