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Earn Residual Income From Your Blog

By Norberto Mercado Blogging is a great way to earn residual income. Take a look at my blog and see how I do that… http://business44.com/blog When you enter my blog your eyes are attracted to a large banner ad on the right hand side bar. This leads to my primary program, The Plug-in Profit Site. I promote this program to make money. The Plug In Profit Site is and affiliate marketing program that contains multiple opportunities where you can earn residual income when you make a sale. Residual income just means that you're going to get paid in the future for the sales you make today. I use blog content to develop new pages that somebody might be interested in reading. If they like the content one of the actions they will take is to click on the banners which will then present them with a sales page explaining all about the Plug-in Profit Site. Some people don't like the idea of actually writing blog articles. That's perfectly fine because you can hire a freelance writer to create your articles for you. This way you can continue to keep your blog up to date and use it as a lead generation source. It's not that hard to do, and earning residual income from your blog is actually fun.
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