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By Norberto Mercado social media make money The social marketing world has undergone much advancement in the most recent years. Users can explore different methods of sharing information, that has never been done before. For businesses, this can mean an exceptional growth in their businesses, with faster success. The world is now connected to one instrument, and a large growing an audience is now available at the click of a mouse. It also has made it difficult to find legitimate work at home jobs on social media. Thanks to this new wave of technology, users can access a new stream of income, and bring their career to heights they never thought possible. Along with this great opportunity, though, there are many scams that have come up because of it. Many want the possibility of making money from home and doing so on their own terms, instead of working for a boss. This can be excellent to set as a goal but scammers also keep this in mind and use it to real in prey. A vast majority of online work is the doing of a scam artist who wants nothing but to take others money with no return to the purchaser. Although individuals should never pay to work anywhere online, it also depends on the field that one is pursuing. Just like a brick and mortar business, online work can be considered a business that may need investing. That is why it is very difficult to depict scams from legitimate work from home opportunities. Many entrepreneurial fields online require the know-how of marketing. For any business, marketing is key, as a business needs sales to prevail. This is where social media comes in and individuals can maneuver their way through marketing techniques, most involving social media websites. The stream of income that can be produced through social media can come in a various amount of ways. These multiple methods of profit potential can allow a person to build a business that can become successful with the right methods and knowledge. 6550733_orig There are websites that are paying the average user to post on popular social networks like Pinterest and Facebook. Users of these websites only have to show what they are purchasing or review a product and by doing what they want daily, they can earn cash or rewards for their actions. Commissions can be earned in ways where it allows so many options for people. Especially with fashion, there are many websites and apps that individuals can use to advertise a product where they purchase and are wearing. Their profile can be public if they want it to be and if somebody purchases from their posts, they get a commission. Business is becoming much more advanced with marketing methods by understanding that everyday people are marketing constantly. A perfect example would be in the day to day as people are always expressing how they feel about something or someone to their inner circle of friends. Thanks to social media, those people are connected to a vast network where the audience is abundant. A movie someone likes can be shared by word of mouth or by posting. When the audience see's a review from a friend of a friend, they are more inclined to take the time to research it or buy. Again, individuals should be aware that scams outweigh legit online work opportunities. The main factor that they use to lure people in is the promise of exponential growth in a short period of time, lack of work to do for huge profit, or becoming a millionaire overnight. Have people become extremely successful using online marketing? Yes. The thing to consider, though, is most will not. Many times, it can allow for an extra income stream or pocket money, but do not overextend finances because of a claim. In today's society, anyone can now get paid for referring, or doing online tasks, legitimately. These online work opportunities, using social media as a marketing tool, are legit and can help create extra income. If taken seriously, can possibly be a reliable source. It all depends on the effort and time put into it. Nothing online is easy and to get great profit, one must sell work hard to gain some type of success. images (13) Legitimate Work From Home Opportunities Corporate Remote Positions Social Media Manager This job opportunity is an excellent way to utilize social media, by being good at social media. Many companies seek individuals that know their way around social media. A perfect way to make money online using social media is by flaunting that you know social media. Businesses from small to large now realize they need to be up to date with the new technologies and take advantage of every marketing opportunity. Without this knowledge, they can be left behind in the tight competition to attract customers. Social media has not only presented a new way to reach potential customers, it is also less expensive than other methods, such as television, radio ads, and print. Advertisers can pay millions to show up in a small time space in a band of commercials during the Super Bowl but social media allows for constant exposure and possible sales. By learning how to market marketing skills, users can gain great profit if done correctly. There are still many businesses that either do not know or simply do not have someone to manage their social media accounts. Many businesses have upgraded to include a social media department of advertising for their business, but are overwhelmed with work because managing multiple accounts and staying aware of what is trending is difficult. Running a business itself is full of many pressures and this is why the demand for a social media department is necessary. This career field is fairly new because social media itself is a new field in the past decade. Before, years earlier, many who ventured into the new field would not get compensated much because of its early stage. Now, these positions can be found online, on job board sites. Websites like SimplyHired.com or Elance.com offer positions posted by companies in need of Social Media Managers. Each company will have their own set lists of requirements from education to skill set. Since this field is still considered to be in its early stages, it isn't really known how to approach it or understand what exactly to do to start. If a person is looking for this opportunity as a corporate job position standpoint, they can start off by understanding what requirements are needed for the jobs being posted. An important factor is to be great at managing social media accounts and proving that one can make a big audience flock to a website page or product/service. This skill is highly sought and can boost the chances of being hired to manage a companies social media. This field can also be considered a freelancing opportunity,as the user will need to market their skills to potential clients. Many who have traveled this path have actually started out by contacting the companies themselves and pitch their skills. By simply asking and presenting the skill set required, this can get an individual in the door of a legitimate paying career in social media. images (8) Entrepreneurial Orientation Fields Blogging This may one of the most legit ways to make money but while having no boss. This way of earning income online is legitimate,but is a difficult field, as it requires various market techniques. Also, many who venture into this area of marketing, quit, because it usually does not see a profit for a long time. Still, there are those who stay persistent and use the correct marketing strategies. Besides using social media, bloggers have to use every aspect of marketing to gain an audience. Social media it self is a strong platform and is the main source that people use. Google's Search Engine Optimization is also an important factor to consider, as individuals need to stay popular enough to up their ranks in their niche. This is done by using social media on their blog or website. Many will have their blog linked to their social media accounts, including twitter or Instagram. There are multiple big name corporations who have created their own blog site and have linked their profiles to their main business website. Becoming a blogger costs very little compared to conventional business startups. Web hosting can cost under 10 dollars monthly and domains about the same for a year. It's inexpensive nature can make it a viable way to earn income. Using sponsored posts, affiliate advertising, and Google Adsense can increase the profitability of this path. The main issue is this will most likely not be profitable, it may take years to see any profit. Again, this is why many quit, and it shouldn't be thought of as something that will create immediate profit. This career is considered something to do on the side to possibly see later results from hard work. There are those who have succeeded through persistence and patience. Freelancing The freelancing period has become a great way to potentially earn profits. By promoting a service, users can easily be considered freelancing. One way that can be used for legitimate income is freelance writing. A blog is again used to promote and social websites are used to market the service. Writers have been in demand as many start their business via website platforms or other methods. Many follow the systems that Google uses to rank information. The content is what attracts users and keeps them interested. Finding quality content can be difficult and that is where writers can advertise their services. This can also be considered a method where job positions can be found. There are multiple content sites offer job positions, as they need writers for their clients. This in combination with social media methods can bring profits for many. Selling Lists When it comes to social media, the most important thing is obtaining information. Many businesses would like access to interested individuals or the followers of a well-trusted person. This market reacts faster to good recommendations. If a person or website has become popular enough, businesses may want to advertise on their website or a person can sell their list of followers. This ties into owning a website. Travel Agents This is another job that can be considered entrepreneurial or as a job position. It has been stated that this job is expected to see a decrease over the next decade but many are seeing success from it. Many travel agents are working independently or through a company. Today, most travel agents market their services through social media websites. Facebook has a vast number of travel agents that help friends of friends plan exciting vacations. It is great to use these websites as many are looking to travel and want the best deals and discounts. Most travel agents work for companies and advertise and gain access to their own clients by using social media platforms. In 2013, travel agents made a median wage of $34,530. Flipping Websites In real estate, many succeed from buying homes for under market value and sell them for profit after fixing them up to sell. The same can be done for websites. Social media can build a website to become more appealing to others who are trying to make a profit of off a website that shows great income potential or that is already showing successful results. There are those who have reported making great side income or who have seen an exceptional profit for putting work into a website that most are not willing to do. This can prove to be lucrative if time and effort are involved. Conclusion Social networking is the main success for most businesses today and can be used as a tool for success. The internet is still expanding and this market is still new, so there are many obstacles and learning curves to understand. It can be dangerous for someone who is new, so it is imperative to stay clear of scams. It is not always easy but with proper research, one can avoid insincere options. Anything that looks to good to be true probably is, and one shouldn't have to pay to get paid for a job listed on a job board. With these thoughts in mind, most job boards try to sort out scams for a better user experience, making it easier to find legitimate work at home jobs on social media.     About Norberto Mercado Online entrepreneur, content marketing expert and developer of online business.
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