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Guest Blogging to Attract Clients to Your VA Business

Here's a great article I run a pretty well-visited blog about marketing and I often get requests for guest posts. Sometimes they're just totally random and off topic requests, but other times they are right on topic and something my visitors will enjoy. As the blog owner I like having guest bloggers because it allows me to get out great content without having to spend the time writing it myself.   Now I tell you this because I think you may be a little worried about approaching potential popular bloggers with an idea about a guest blog post. I tell you if you hit the right blogger with the right topic you have a very good chance of getting accepted with open arms.   In this blog post I'll give you some suggestions on how to get  your guest blog post accepted and create it so that you attract potential clients.   Let's start with some tips to get your guest blog post accepted:
  1. Know who you're asking – Finding blogs to guest post on can't be done by random cold-calling (or cold-emailing). You've got to know who you are contacting and how you will be an asset to them. That's why it's best if you approach blogs you read that are written by people you understand. That and bloggers will be much more open to readers than total strangers who all of a sudden found their blog because they want something (exposure). That's not to say the later won't work, but start with those you know and love first.
  2. Make it original – Don't send over content you've already written. Write something original to the blog you are sending it to and when possible make it really relevant. Again this is where knowing the blogger becomes a big help. For example I did a guest blog post for a very popular blogger in which I demo-ed how to use a piece of graphics software. I used the bloggers pictures to do the demo, which was original and was also tying her into the post itself.
  3. Edit, Edit, Edit. Oh, and spell check! – Sometimes we're in a hurry and forget to edit our stuff, I get it. Don't do that when you send it to someone who's going to be pretty critical of what you have to offer. Now don't let this scare you off. A good blogger who is reasonable will tell you of any edits they'd like to see but you need to do your best editing before you send it over. Of course make sure you spell check too, this is not the time to send sloppy work (no time is, but especially not now).
  4. Flatter or promote the blogger – It helps to butter up the blogger you're sending content to. One way to do this is to tastefully compliment them on something you're impressed by. Another idea is to promote a product or website of theirs in your blogs post (or mention it).
  Those tips will help you get your blog post accepted. Now what should you write about to gain new clients from the post?   –        Explain why they need a service you provide. –        Explain how to do a service you provide (without giving it all away). –        Explain the results they will get from a service you provide. –        Case study results you've gotten from a service you provide.   Again it's all about showcasing your expertise in order to prove to potential clients that you can help them. This will be different for every virtual assistant but the one thing that remains the same is that potential clients want to know how you can get them results or free up their time. Make sure it's clear how you can help in your blog post and you'll have a good chance of securing a new client or two from your guest blogging efforts. To your success, Norberto Mercado
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