Home Business Ideas and Opportunities
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Home Business Ideas

By Norberto Mercado

Home businesses are an excellent way for retired senior citizens to pass their time and for homemakers to do something creative and useful when not taking care of household chores. Retired people can easily conduct small time businesses out of their homes using the many talents they may have acquired in the entirety of their lifetime. Ladies can start home food or mess services. When these services start up in the vicinity of colleges or offices they become all the rage, targeting young demographic living away from home.


Another idea for home businesses for men in varied fields is freelance consulting based on their area of expertise. For example, if a man has led his entire career in the field of law, he can provide his legal consulting services after retirement. There are a number of people who cannot afford full-time lawyers and may need a spot of legal advice. These kinds of people make up the customer base for freelance services. There are multiple fields where people may require consultation services – HR, stock market, financials etc.


Before starting a home business, a lot of factors are needed to be considered. The amount of start-up capital one has is an essential factor. Other affecting factors may be amount of time that can be dedicated, the presence of the right knowledge and skill set to start a business, if it is sensible to run the business out of your home, how the business will affect the home environment, the effort that can be put in especially for senior citizens, uniqueness of your business idea etc. A business plan is a basic description of the goals and objectives of your business and how you plan to achieve them. Developing a business plan will help you answer important questions about your business idea before you actually start your business.

Some ideas for home businesses are:

  1. Bridal and wedding consulting service: We all know how women love to plan weddings. Elderly ladies can start this kind of a business and live vicariously through their younger neighbors and friends enjoying the job immensely. This is also an excellent idea because it doesn't require much effort or energy and is a fun business endeavour.

  2. Web design: Men and women who have worked in the field for a long time can take this up as a part-time freelance business. A lot of start-ups nowadays need websites to launch and advertise their businesses. It is a cost effective business idea since one needs only a basic system and internet connection. Also, website creation is quite easy and does not require much time and energy.

  3. Real estate consulting services: people with knowledge of real estate have a distinct advantage. Since genuine advice for real estate is very rare, it is very useful to have a freelance consultant with some proper advice.

  4. Library: Housewife moms can start a small library with books for all ages. This idea can work especially in large apartments where there are families with members of all age groups. Reading is a habit most people inculcate and a library with nominal memberships can really work out.

  5. Babysitting: babysitting is a fairly easy job and women find it easy to do. Babysitting for a few hours a day can be done without much effort and the pay is good too.

  6. Blogging: If you are a travel enthusiast or just generally good with lifestyle tips, you can start your own blog. Travel blogs are all the rage, popular with regular tourists who like exploring exotic places in the world.

  7. Event Planner: Love to throw parties? Help others create the perfect event with your party prowess. You don't need to cater to just home-based parties either. Some of the best income in this industry can be made through business and corporate event planning. To stay competitive, make sure you create a good network of businesses to work with.

8.Home-Based Bakery or Food Business: Take your love for baking or cooking and turn it into your own business. Your culinary skills can be turned into a variety of businesses, from working as a personal chef to baking at home and selling your goods to local stores. If you like cooking for a crowd, you may even want to try your hand at catering.

  1. Internet Marketing Freelancer: Internet marketing has grown tremendously as a field, and it's not diminishing anytime soon. There are plenty of business opportunities within this industry, from content marketing to search engine specialization. You may even want to focus on traffic generation or helping businesses with the art of conversion. Your skill set can help you determine what area would create the best opportunity for success.

  2. Virtual Tutor: Remote tutoring is a great job you can do from home, especially if you have a love for teaching. You will need to be able to communicate online with students through a program such as Skype and be skilled in the area in which you would like to provide tutoring.


Advantages: • Can start off as a part-time business. • More flexible lifestyle and more integrated with the family. • Lower start-up capital and operating costs. • Cost-savings on child/adult care. • No commuting. • Flexible work hours. • The satisfaction of being your own boss. • Increased tax benefits and write-offs. • An outlet for creative/unique talents. • Employment of family members by the business.

Disadvantages: • Space may be cramped, limiting growth potential and family use. • Personal and family lifestyle patterns may be disturbed. • Business and family privacy may be disrupted. • Long work hours and time away from family. • Lack of fringe benefits. • Lack of informal social contacts or opportunities with the network. • Stress due to inability to balance family and business needs. • Family members and friends may demand more of you when you're home all day. • Business activities may cause problems with neighbours. • Discipline is required to establish steady, homework patterns.

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Home Business Ideas and Opportunities
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