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How Brands Are Using Influencer Marketing to Overcome Real-life Business Problems – SOCIALCxN

How Brands Are Using Influencer Marketing to Overcome Real-life Business Problems – SOCIALCxN

Back in 2017, The Walking Dead mobile game was out and it did not seem to have made a large impact on masses. It was a question of how to get the product marketed and most importantly, efforts reaping the potentially sky-rocketing results.

We saw several YouTube stars including Lele Pons having a combined following of 18 million subscribers, marketing the product in different ways. The outcome? Hundreds and thousands of downloads in no time. That’s the power of influencer marketing!

The influencer marketing industry is volatile – new metrics, new algorithms, new quarters, new insights and the ever-so-stubborn problems. For years, Brands and Digital Agencies have recognized problems that have completely ruled out conventional marketing methods. Therefore, addressing these problems, Brands have found a safe haven within the influencer marketing and how social media amplifies it.

Let us scoop out some of the major problems identified by Brands:

Carpet bombing a message and missing your target audience

Traditional advertising targets a mass audience which may comprise of only a small portion of the target audience. Resources are run to waste and the ROI is nowhere near promising.

Influencer marketing allows complete market segmentation, with influencers having a segmented market and an audience in place for marketers to engage with. SocialCxN has a pool of thousands of Influencers having multiple backgrounds and categories for almost any brand.

2. The rise of “Ad-blockers”

Internet users have installed ad-blockers on browsers. This has massively hindered the potential of ads on display, banner ads and video ads. Stats reveal that over $40 billion is an expected opportunity loss due to the practice of ad-blocking.

This is where influencer marketing comes handy. Branded content pitched through an influencer is well received by the audience who are most likely to cringe over or dislike other forms of advertisement.

3. Ever-changing consumer habits

It’s a major challenge for brands to understand their customer, with a lack of all-inclusive and extensive data on them. Thus, brands cannot fully design their campaigns according to market dynamics.

However, influencers tend to get involved in planning and ideation of a campaign. A brand’s audience is an influencer’s audience too, and through feedback and communication, brands can leverage their knowledge for good. SocialCxN benefits through a BlockChain, having the two stakeholders in a streamlined, automated mechanism, with effective communication to further enhance the process.

4. The trap of reputation management

Whether it’s PR or an online makeover, the traditional methods do not allow much “white space” to clear the air and effectively manage a reputation. This is where brands need to enlist a greater influence, something that can sway masses at large and get the word across.

Today, brands continue to utilize influencer marketing for reputation management, working with some of the top influencers.

5. No consumer engagement

Traditional marketing works one-way, with only the brands pitching and no communication flow from the other end. This kills engagement. The message is not communicated, consumers are disengaged and ultimately, the campaign may fall flat.

The best thing about having an influencer to market your product/service is their already committed and engaged fan base, who are ready to interact. This way, feedback can be pulled and influencers are skilled in presenting branded content in a subtle and smoother way.

SocialCxN’s platform is totally changing the game of influencer marketing with BlockChain technology and Smart Contracts for automation. Learn more about the platform here.

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