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How To Make Competitive Content Marketing Business

By Norberto Mercado

http://business44.comBack in the 1990s when the dot-com boom was at its peak, businesses contracted SEO agencies to help in driving traffic to their websites. These agencies could stuff keywords in pages and resort to some extreme techniques of improving the rankings of the website and directing as much traffic as possible to clients’ websites.

Although some of the tricks used to generate traffic have become obsolete with time, SEO agencies are still in existence today and have since changed their tact to adopting other better ways of generating traffic in order to stay a step ahead of the rapidly changing world of content marketing.

However, if you look closely, you will quickly realize that SEO agencies are being given a run for their money by the more swift content marketing agencies.

As Seth Godin asserted,
“Content marketing is the only marketing left”.
Even individual business owners prefer learning the process of how to make a content marketing business to meet their own marketing needs and providing the service to others.

Businesses are fully aware of the need to maintain a steady flow of relevant content that will keep the eyes of their customers glued to their websites and even attract fistfuls of other clients. However, this feat is hard to achieve for some businesses owing to the costs of acquiring fresh content every day.

Another pressing issue is if that content is useful at all to the zealous clients. For this reason, businesses are turning to content marketing firms in hordes for help on how to crack the hard nut of content marketing.
You need to be smart in the world of content marketing to be really outstanding.

Most of the content marketing companies contracted to do the job tend to do the same thing for every client they serve. If you look at the industry, you will realize that you can come up with your own in-house strategy to create a formidable content marketing business.
Here is how to make a content marketing business:


1. Begin by clearly defining your niche

“Traditional marketing tends to talk at people while content marketing actually talks with them” an anonymous thinker once said. Content is everywhere you look. Research has indicated that over a third (88%) of B2B companies have resorted to using content marketing.

This is supposed to mean that competition between content marketing companies is so fierce that these firms are barely on each others’ necks.

Good news is that there is an ingenious way of separating yourself from the 90% of the flock and averting the fierce competition. When you establish yourself to be a content marketing expert in a given niche of your choice, many clients will begin recognizing you with that line of specialization.

This will make you feel less heat from the competition outside. So instead of being a generalist agency, try to narrow down and concentrate on one industry. Having knowledge or experience in that specific niche while thinking of how to make a content marketing business can be an added advantage.

Unbelievably, there is high demand for specialized content marketing service in less “sexy” niches such as construction and dentistry. Nothing exceeds like excess. So instead of restricting yourself in the already-saturated market, it is prudent you begin offering content marketing services specifically to businesses within their chosen fields where generalist firms won’t be relevant.

2. Offer a variety of services for all budget slots

When you are just beginning, having a variety of services is considered to be imperative. Some clients will need little guidance on the content strategy they've laid out while others will want to be too hands-on. Other clients may require you to take full responsibility for the content strategy, its development and eventual marketing.

Please note that some small companies may be wary of risks involved and may prefer to test the waters of the strategy before investing in your more expensive packages. As a result, you should consider creating DIY packages that can be utilized by small businesses so that they can take advantage of the expertise being offered without much financial risk. Therefore, try offering such services as;

Content creation and marketing

Training of the in-house content marketing personnel

Email marketing

Social media marketing

Setup of web analytics and tracking

SEO and web design (some firms prefer hiring one company to do everything)


3. Take the consulting strategy

If you are the expert who prefers pursuing strategy instead of the usual day to day tasks that entail content marketing then consulting may as well be a great option when if you’re pondering on how to make a content marketing business.

While many content marketing companies tend to stress on the hands-on strategy, consultants tend to emphasize planning, giving recommendations and strategizing.

A consultation will mean that you won’t be involved in particular tasks relating to the content creation, its promotion, and the eventual distribution.

Instead, you can opt to advise companies about the best practices needed in content successful content marketing and helping them create strategies that will distinguish them from their competitors.

4. Take an inventory of your closest competitors

Peeking in your competitors’ content marketing strategies and seeing how they are working can be highly valuable. One major reason why you shouldn’t keep it all to yourself is that if you don’t eavesdrop into your competitors’ businesses, they will do it to yours, so you have to do it anyway.

Therefore, consider cataloging each content site and medium. Capture everything from blog videos and articles. Each content type you look at gives you insights about the level of investment your competitors' have put into their content marketing strategies and the hustle they underwent learning how to make a content marketing business.

This “espionage-like” maneuver also gives you a glimpse of the range of topics, keywords, audience types and format types being used by your rivals. Some of the content types you should look out for include:

Blog articles – Short-form frequently published content gives you insight into the importance and range of content keywords and topics

Audio recordings and podcasts – Audio content adds color to how your rivals operate and how they view on some topics

Webinars – Upcoming and past webinars tend to give a deeper insight into certain topics of great importance to the audience.

White papers and e-books – white papers and e-books give a detailed content about key target topics.

Videos – no content gives a company’s tone like the visual content.

Presentations – SlideShare posts are an excellent content to highlight product content and thought leadership.

E-Newsletters – Companies tend to sort out their most valuable content and send it directly to their clients via the email.


These tips and tricks on how to make a content marketing business are only the basics. There is plenty of them out there tailored according to your strategy. The process of establishing a typical online marketing business is generic regardless of strategy.

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