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Is Passive Income Legitimate Work?

By Norberto Mercado During the economic downturn of the last few years there are many who have found they need to supplement their income or even seek unconventional job opportunities. Passive income is often criticized and not considered legitimate work, however this has more to do with misinformation than anything else. Many industries and corporations rely on the services of people engaged in passive income jobs, such as blogging, producing product reviews, creating templates and e-books etc. While it is difficult to build up passive income jobs in such a way that is comparable to an hourly or salary job opportunity, it is possible to use them as a part time job to offset your regular income. Youtube is a good example of a passive income job that has the stigma of not being considered legitimate work. Yet if you invest an hour to create a good Youtube video, that hour has more earning potential than a hour spent at a traditional job with an hourly wage. Once you are paid for your hourly rate at a job, that is the only money you will ever receive for the work done in that time. In the case of Youtube and other passive income streams that are advertising based, you will receive income for the invest of that time for as long as the content you created existed (indefinitely). Affiliate marketing is also a great way to make passive income by helping companies such as Amazon sell their products. So is passive income legitimate work? Absolutely, but it is not something that everyone can do and requires commitment, research and an investment of time with the understanding that it will have a return in the long term. Traditional job opportunities offer people more stability and sense of assurance and that is why it is more likely to be considered legitimate when compared to home jobs, telecommuting and passive income based opportunities. It's up to individuals to determine what their circumstances allow them to be comfortable with. Passive Income. Click here==>http://business44.com To your success, Norberto Mercado  
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