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Legitimate At Home Job Alert: Online Tutoring

If you're looking for work from home jobs and have a background in education, online tutoring might be the job for you! Depending on your experience level, this is not the type of job that generally pays very high. However, it is a nice steady job for a little bit of extra pocket cash especially for college students, recent graduates, or those who are looking for legitimate work to supplement their income. There are many opportunities for all different kinds of tutors. I have come across some that specialize in ESL tutoring, and many online educational tools and programs offer online tutoring, and hire tutors. While you should do research to figure out which specific tutoring website fits your needs, the most legitimate website that I have come across is tutor.com. They offer job opportunities to anyone with a high speed internet connection and a college degree (and sometimes even hire those still in school). You will start by going through an interview process, and once you make it through their interviews and qualification exams, you are ready to start your work! The pay is reasonable. It starts at $9 an hour for most tutors, but with raises and incentives, top tutors can make $14 an hour. Tutors also set their own hours, so it is very flexible for those who are always on the go. Once hired, each tutor receives a mentor that helps them through the program. This mentor provides the tutor with feedback every week or two on issues the tutor needs to work on to be more effective, and is available for questions through email. These mentors also help keep tutors on track with promotions, which means more money and better hours. This is an opportunity to look into for anyone looking for flexible, legitimate jobs that all you the comfort of working at home. Want a mentor to start an internet business. Click below for more
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