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By Norberto Mercado woman-smiling-working-at-home Sometimes staying at home can be really great, especially when you’re quite comfortable or when you feel too lazy to leave your house. You might however occasionally go broke, after a short time or a long period. Luckily enough, there are several legitimate jobs out there you can choose from to make your time at home both comfy and fruitful at the same time. Whether you’re a parent or a Campus student, you won’t miss a job you can comfortably handle at home, and this jobs include: 1. Data Entry Jobs These are some of the most popular and easiest jobs that can be found online. They do not require any special skills: as long as you have knowledge on data entry, you’re fit to get the job done. As a data entry specialist, you will be required to input data into a company’s systems via hard-copy documents or electronic files (in the right order and sections, as will be provided, of course). Do this and alas, you’re set to receive your earned money. 2. Transcription Jobs In general, these jobs will require you to transcribe audio recordings into text files. They can be selected from various industries, ranging from entertainment and legal industries to healthcare ones. If you are lucky enough to have bilingual skills, you could take of advantage of that and do several jobs that would definitely pay you much more. There are several sites out there that you can work with as a freelance transcriber, that’s if you’re in the mood to start off as a freelancer. 3. Web Search Jobs This is the perfect job for people who are endorsed with technical knowledge and computer skills. In these jobs, you will be hired as a Web Search Authority; you will be required to run several searches in the internet and to offer required support to your client so as to improve Search Engine results on behalf of him or her. You can always find part-time jobs on the internet to fit in your day whenever you have a tight schedule. 4. Translation opportunities Translation jobs are great opportunities you can take advantage of, especially if you lucky enough to have bilingual skills. Several organizations are normally on the lookout online for help with telephone-related support whenever they need translation services; you can easily earn money just by translating for them. Similarly, there are several clients online who require their documents translated. You can pick clients that will fit in your day’s schedule perfectly so as to make the most from your whole day. 5. Proofreading Jobs If you’re excellent in any given language, you can easily find a job that will require you to go through a certain writing so as to ensure that it lacks any errors, including grammatical ones and poor sentence structures. You’ll have such an easy time earning money from such opportunities at the comfort of your home, if you have perfect command of any language, be it English or Spanish. 6. Survey Jobs These jobs require no set of skills or information; neither do they require you to research on a given topic nor to deliver the desired results; that’s why they are actually one of the easiest jobs available online. Survey jobs only require you to answer a set of questions in a survey. Some people will pay you per project while others will pay you after you complete multiple surveys. You however have to decide whether the pay offered by a survey is worth your time since some of them can take up much of your time. 7. Writing Jobs These jobs will basically require you to write content for blogs, both private and public organizations, online content, you name it. You have the option of writing about topics which you can easily talk about so as to make the job easier. However, when looking for such jobs, ensure you pick legitimate ones that will actually pay you after a good day’s work.   About Norberto Mercado Online entrepreneur, content marketing expert and developer of online business.
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