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9 Legitimate Work At Home Jobs On Social Media

By Norberto Mercado   Top-10-Benefits-of-Social-Media-Marketing-1 Social Media is a Fact of Life So, you should be taking advantage of it. Today we will be showing you 9 legitimate work at home jobs on Social Media that can offer you a way to bring in cash and start a second career for yourself. Each of the ideas we are going to present, take advantage of some aspect of Social Media and in some cases are entirely new job categories. Others are outgrowths of traditional business ideas that were successful in other venues and now have made the transition to Social Media. When you have finished reading, you'll see just how versatile the world of Social Media is and you can even combine some of these 9 jobs together to create even more job opportunities for yourself. 1. Social Media Management Professional Maintaining someone's Social Media is an interesting profession and you can work from home to do it. Your responsibilities will be varied depending on what your clientwants to be done. It primarily will have to deal with a person's Social Media Public Profile. This means you'd be watching over their Facebook following or other media platforms. Using tools like HootSuite. You'd be sending out updates to your client's Social Media and monitor the response to it along with their ratings. Today it’s not only how many are following you but how you are trending that can make or break a celebrity, businessperson, and Online Firm. You will need to be proactive and be able to write content that will reach out to thousands of followers and keep them aware of what is going on in the products, personal life, and even post selfies and product pictures, depending on whose Social Media you are managing. You are the person that makes sure that all aspects of a person's Social Mediaisup to snuff and trending properly. You are the power behind the throne and you format their entire online presence to make sure your client is never out of the minds of their followers. 2. Content Writer One of the most sought after skill in Social Media is the ability to write online content, which will be sent out to Social Media Platforms. (SMPs) Thousands of word of content are needed each week to keep your client trending and their followers in the know about their doings and events they are attending, sponsoring, and causes they are backing. This means you'll need to have access to not only to the various Social Media platforms, but you'll also have to be able to generate reams of interesting material and copy that is the life blood of those who thrive in the limelight of Social Media today. You'll need to be well organized, be able to type quickly, and be able to take your client's itinerary and translate into words that their following can easily assimilate. You will need to work with a clients Social Media Manager to coordinate with the scheduling out updates and getting the information needed to let the online fans known what their idol is up to and when or where and at what time they will be making a public appearance. You will be doing the job that a publicist would do in the old days of writing for the trade rags, glamor magazines, and the tabloid or paparazzi that you see on counters at supermarket checkout counters. It now is appearing on a person's Social Media feed that comes straight to their smartphone, tablet computer, inbox. images (8) 3. Niche Researcher Many online businesses require research to be done on various topics having to do various trends that are occurring in the world of Social Media. You will have to be able to monitor Social Media and this can easily be done today using various Social Media Management (SMM) tools. You will also have to be able to interview people at Social Media events and find out their thoughts on various topics. Utilizing skills that a newspaper journalist used to use you then write up reports and white papers either for clients or to be put up on Amazon and sold. This niche papers and reports may only be in 40 -80-pagerange but are packed with useful information that a firm can use in a niche market to garner more market share and attract more customers. Plotting new trends and creating new products all come from these types of reports and White Papers. You can even create your own Blog and through Social Media become a niche market expert that commands respect and that those who use Social Media and make a living from it will follow and pay for your insights either by subscribing to your service or by buying your reports from Amazon. 4. Product Reviewer Many companies want your opinion on their products and will pay you to try them out write a critique on them. This is a lucrative trade and with Social Media being, so prevalent you are now able to use your Social Media platform to pass your information back to the firms and companies who are making the products that are being sold through various venues today. You will sign up with the various boards that want you to try out things like makeup, electronics, and software apps. You then evaluate them for a certain length of time and write up your thoughts and after they receive it you get paid via PayPal or with being sent free discounts, and what's even better you get to keep the products you have tested. This is a Win-Win for both you and the manufacturer. They have a source of information about how their product stands up in the real world. You get to use and keep these products, and you are paid in the process as well. 5. Multimedia Productions Podcasts and other forms of multimedia productions are rapidly replacingsimplywritten forms of media today. Using your Social Media platform, you can createanInfoproductyourself and make a profit on it as well. For example, Udemy is a place where if you are an expert in some field you can create a video class that makes you cash and keeps doing so, as people continue discovering it through Udemy's ever-growing curriculum of online education and training programs. Your smartphone today is now the perfect platform to do this. The video capabilities supported by the newest releases of the various Operating Systems, such as iOS and Android along with the new hardware that records both video and sound you now have a handheld multimedia studio that can create professional-grade programming by just adding a few apps. This is just one venue for you to explore as an Infopreneur you can place these multimedia products on your Social Media as well as send it out through the Cloud to your subscribers and Followers. You can move into the new field of Multimedia Productions and do so often at no cost except the investment in a smartphone or tablet. The Apps and software to help you produce theInfoproductscan often be downloaded free. So, your smartphone becomes a source of income and your blog or online presence becomes a cash cow as well generating revenue long after you have created the material. images (7) 6. Fashion Product Model There are people today who will pay you to where their products and send your pictures to your friends on Social Media. When they click on the items, they are automatically linked to the store, which sells that particular bit of apparel. You rack up points that either get you cash, discounts, or free clothing as well. This idea relies on embedded links that are mapped to various parts of the picture. This novel use of Social Media marketing turns you into a fashion model and all you have to do is shop, as you normally would and wear what you bought and the various venues where your shop pays you to spread your selfies to all your circle of friends on Social Media. So, something you would do normally with Facebook, Twitter, and WeChat now puts money and other goodies into your pocket. This is one of the newest forms of Social Media marketing and sales. It takes advantage of your shopping and buying habits and connects directly to the various vendors where you shop. In this way, they tap into your warm market and also see which of their products are trending and are becoming popular. So, not only do you become a fashion model, you become a trendsetter, and get paid for your fashion sense as well. 7. Direct MailCampaigner In the old days, you would build a mailing list and then send notices out advertising your products and services. Eugene Swartz made millions that way. Nowadays you see many advertising using email the same way. However, this has been superseded by Social Media. You now have geometric growth in the number of people you can reach, which automatically grows as people you don't even know add people to their media networks. This is due to the fact that 6 degrees of separation link almost everyone together in the world of Social Media. This is why companies today are attempting to get one name in a geographical area as it opens up the entire region in demographics as well socioeconomics as well. So, you too can take advantage of this and promote your products, services, and ideas and reach people that formerly would take months to build up a mailing list either for email or regular mailings as well. Now you just have only to reach one person and you can reach out through them to their contacts and your content ripples out like a pebble dropped into a pond. Of course, your content should be compelling and interesting or like the Direct mailings of old they will be tossed I the trash or deleted with a flick of a finger. 8. Paid Spokesperson People believe Word of Mouth (WOM) advertising and Social Media is currently the ultimate form of WOM. If you were to go to Freelancer.com, you will see people requesting people to create quick videos testimonials about products, services, and other items. You can make a pretty penny doing testimonials and reviews using Social Media. Facebook reaches millions. WeChat reaches almost half a billion people worldwide. So you are limited only by your Social Media presence and how convincing an actor you are. This is not any different from what you see on TV today. The venue has just changed is all. Plus you can do it much easier as you don't have to move to Hollywood or New York. It can be done from your home with a smartphone and a some easy to download Apps. WeChat in Asia has everything build into handle sending voice and video to thousands of people at a time. Facebook and Twitter also have these abilities along with Yahoo Messenger and SKYPE. Using these various venues on your own or in the service of a client found on a site like Freelancer can open up a whole new career for you as an online Spokesperson. 9. E-Business, Restaurant, and Catering ordering, billing, and payment Here is a unique business for those who use Social Media. You create a relationship with a company or firm that supplies a particular service or product like clothing, shoes, and other products. You send out a to your Social Media circle of acquaintances blurbs about what is available and for how much. The order is sent to you and you pass it on to the supplier. They then send the product or goods directly to the person and you get a commission and your clients are satisfied as well. QR codes can also be used to read a catalog you have prepared and they don't even have to send a text message,as everything including bill payment is all handled electronically. The money even appears in your account and you don't have to maintain an inventory or warehouse space. This is also ideal for caterers and restaurants as people can call up a menu and order dinner and pay for it without the use of a credit card. Asia has almost gone cashless and Social Media is the preferred way of buying products online and paying for meals. Cash is becoming obsolete and even bill paying is done via smartphone and Social Media. By setting this up for your business, you create a paperless retail system that requires almost no overhead to run and support. Final thoughts Some of these jobs are service oriented and help others use Social Media to their advantage and by doing so provides you 9 legitimate work at home jobs on Social Media that many are even now making a second income. Using Social Media opens up new vistas for the home entrepreneur. You can set up a home based catering business or a mail order business without even having a warehouse of products to sell. Perhaps in time, you will make enough from one of the 9 opportunities we have talked about to be able to quit your regular job and work from home permanently freeing you from the 9-5 Rat Race.     About Norberto Mercado Online entrepreneur, content marketing expert and developer of online business.      
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