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work-at-home1-e1417817640524-620x289 It seems that everyone these days wants to work at home. Every message board I frequent has almost daily posts asking, “How can I work from home?” The problem is that many work at home opportunities are scams. There are many legitimate options out … Legitimate Work at Home Opportunities If the work you do can be done from home, consider approaching your current employer about converting your position. Don’t just ask, though. Put together a detailed proposal for your boss so that she can see what you can do from home, how you plan to be accountable and available, what you’ll require from the company to work from home, and how much money, if any, you can save the company. Frankly, if you want to work from home, you’re probably better off creating something for yourself. Your own business is just that: Yours. You control everything about it. Yes, it may take some time to set up and get running, but imagine if you spent all the time you spend chasing work at home leads and sorting out scams developing your own business. You could have a business you love if you channeled that time wisely. There’s nothing wrong with working from home for someone else if it’s work you enjoy, but if you hate the work and are only doing it because you can be home, you’ll quickly end up disappointed and angry. If you create your own business, on the other hand, you’ll be more likely to enjoy your work at home adventure. Yes, legitimate work-at-home jobs do exist – Fortune 10881660_373738892799529_2181784126869333764_n FORTUNE — Dear Annie: I was interested in your column about how to get back into the workforce after a long time-out to raise kids. I’ve been a full-time mom for four years and would like to pick up my career where it left off, or at least try to get … Yes, legitimate work-at-home jobs do exist So how can you tell the good guys from the bad? Researchers at RetirementJobs.com, a job site specializing in employment opportunities for people over 50, recently put together a guide to working from home, available online to its members, that includes 10 warning signs of a possible scam. Beware of “employers” who: • Don’t clearly describe the work you would do. • Require advance payment for a “starter kit” or “handbook” • Won’t allow you to speak with an actual person • Promise high earnings for little work • Rely on testimonials depicting attractive, happy people or families • Depict lavish homes, cars, and boats • Feature large quantities of money in their ads • Have a record of complaints for fraud (Check the Federal Trade Commission’s web site, as well as state counterparts.) • Promise to eliminate your financial problems • Where the owners or principals can’t be identified Find legitimate work-from-home opportunities online – USATODAY.com   Carol is the proud new mommy of a baby boy. She isn't ready to return to her customer service job, but she needs the income. Dave is a project manager for an outsourcing company. His company is planning layoffs. He suspects he will soon be unemployed. Find legitimate work-from-home opportunities online No matter your education or experience, the Internet can help. There are plenty of scams, but you'll find many legitimate work-from-home opportunities. I've rounded up some of the best. Find links to sites mentioned at www.komando.com/news. Kim Komando hosts the nation's largest talk radio show about computers and the Internet. To get the podcast or find the station nearest you, visit www.komando.com/listen. To subscribe to Kim's free e-mail newsletters, sign up at www.komando.com/newsletters. Contact her at gnstech@gannett.com.        
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