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Making Money Working From Home: Affiliate Marketing Is Very Popular

By Norberto Mercado Affiliate-Marketing There have actually been more millionaires created, all over the world, in the past 20 years, in Affiliate Marketing, than in any other industry. You can take your spot in this growing number of people making money working from home if you simply understood a little about it and applied yourself. A little history and you’re off to it: Affiliate marketing is the process of selling something that is not yours and making a commission on it. The earliest off line example is the Fuller Brush Company. Many people, complete with a sample case and a perseverance to go door to door sold many brushes, combs and other small household tools. For this, they received some money for each item they sold. Related: Can You Make Money from Affiliate Marketing? If so How? They did not own the samples or even the case they carried! They simply promoted the entire line or just one or two of the products and many of them supported their family this way. On line Affiliate Marketing saves on the shoe leather but still does the same thing. There are many companies who act as ‘clearinghouses' for products that have already been created and the authors or owners will pay a good commission for others to sell them. These authors, in the case of e-Books and the owners, in the case of hard products, such as, well, brushes and combs, do not have the resources, by themselves, to promote to all of the places they need to in order to get as many sales as is possible. They leave that up to Affiliate Marketers to take the ball and run with it. What occurs is simple: You sign up at one of these ‘clearinghouses', such as ClickBank or Commission Junction and look through their offerings. You find something that is popular with a great many people you know and receive a promotional URL for that item. You will then promote it through articles, blogs, forums, free and paid advertising sites and direct email. Related: How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing for Beginners in 2016 That URL you receive will ensure that, when an interested person clicks on it and buys or subscribes to the service you are offering, you get the credit and the commission. Conclusion The idea behind Affiliate Marketing is creating traffic to the owner’s website and getting a commission of as much as 80% for your effort! This is a way for making money working from home that does not entail phone calls, climbing a ladder or getting dirty and using many skills that are easy to learn.   About Norberto Mercado Online entrepreneur, content marketing expert and developer of online business.
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