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Marketing Your Business And Advertising For Small Business

By Norberto Mercadoonlineclass-e1415235183711 As a small business owner, you know how important it is to keep your business brand on the forefront and that calls for marketing and advertising your business. Marketing and advertising your small business is extremely vital to the development and growth of your company. Granted, marketing a new business can be both expensive and time-consuming since small business cannot afford the luxury of outsourcing their marketing needs to professionals.

Still, there are certain marketing practices that small businesses can adopt without necessarily burning out valuable resources to promote their business. This article examines several ways by which you can increase the visibility of your small business and drive client acquisition with effective marketing and advertising strategies. Social Media Few people will argue that social media is one of the most effective and affordable ways to market and advertise your small business.

This is another way to engage with your customers ensuring the lines of communication are kept open. There are several social-networking sites that you can utilize including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. You can even create videos and upload them to YouTube or write blogs/articles to advertise your small business. Your objective is to share information that is helpful, enlightening and useful — something that your clients will want to read. It’s not the volume of your followers that matters, but their value to your business. Start by posting two or three times in a week and as your audience increases you will intensify your effort. Create local awareness image_asset_5876 Endeavour to gain coverage in trade magazines, local newspapers and websites. Doing this will increase your business awareness and driving new customer acquisition. You don’t have to hire expensive public relations firm, small businesses can start off by simply researching some local publications or writers that cover your local business.

Once you have that information, you can then skilfully craft an elevator pitch around your business to pique their interest. Use Email Marketing to increase customer engagement and Increase lead generation. Email marketing still remains the best digital marketing tactic that small businesses can adopt for marketing and advertise their business. You can start with a customer newsletter that offers an update on special promotions or information about the business. This will help you to build a relationship with your customers and keep your products or services on their minds.

You don’t necessarily have to pay marketing consultants or agencies to help you develop an email campaign. You can utilize free services like MailChimp to send automated messages, marketing emails and targeted campaigns to customers. There is also a new product called Sidekick that allows you to send one-one-messages to your customers. You are notified immediately someone opens an email sent to them so that you can easily follow up. Craft an elevator pitch iStock_000009075189Small1_crop380w This brings us to the next point – craft a compelling elevator pitch to hold the interest of potential clients. Since you’re just starting out as a small business owner, you need to promote and advertise your business at every opportunity – which is why you need a captivating elevator pitch. Studies have shown that on the average the attention span of an adult is between 6 to 8 seconds. Basically, you have about 8 seconds to captivate someone’s attention, so take time to craft a killer pitch that will grab your audience attention creating new business opportunities. Know your target market

Keep in mind that not everyone is a target market. If you want to get prospects to buy from you and create quality inquiries then you need to direct your marketing activities to the people who really need your products and desire your services. There are several ways by which you can market your small business, so get to know them and eliminate the ones you can’t afford or the ineffective ones. Marketing efforts that will not bring in new business either directly or indirectly are pointless. Set realistic goals and targets for your small business in terms of expenses, revenues, number of inquiries, profit and number of new sales.

Network Networking is another effective way to market and advertise your small business. Get to meet people, tell them about what is it that you do. Networking may not produce instant results and may take up a lot of time, but if you persevere you will build a strong network that will benefit your business in the future. Take the initiative to ask customers for referrals, this makes it easier for you to get new customers.

Utilizing these marketing strategies will help you to engage with your customers thereby building relationships that will ultimately lead to increased sales. Keep in mind that every small business is different — so the tactics you use in marketing and advertising your small business should suit your business. Build a plan and commit the needed resources to the actualization of the plan and your small business will flourish in no time.  

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