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One Thing a Home Business Start-Up is Not, is Instant Gratification

It is almost unbelievable how many people go through all the motions of setting up and starting a home business, but then quit before it is possible to see any results. It is as if there is this huge high that comes with joining programs and getting all the freebies. However like most highs it doesn’t last if someone has not planned realistically to take the subsequent steps to develop the business.

It seems like even when training and other major benefits are provided, there is no appreciation in the sense of even making good use of everything. Rather there is a sense of entitlement. People really don’t think things through logically either before-hand or even after the fact. They want to hold someone else accountable for making it happen.


They want to know who is going to do the work. Certainly not them!? When there is no real substance or direction, as soon as it becomes apparent to the person that nothing will ever happen unless they take action to promote their business, they quit without even really trying. It is as if they put it all up just to see the magic show and when they have proven to themselves finally that the business is just like a job where you have to w-o-r-k (gasp) – the gig is up, they are out of there.

This would be bad enough in that it is a monumental waste of time and resources, but then comes the blame game; the very people that tried to help them become the villains. Their sponsor doesn’t answer their emails that often ask questions that are already explained on the website; and the program is a rip-off scam because it doesn’t work the way they think it should. Forever after, they will always pronounce that they have ‘lost their money on scams’. They are always leery ever after.


Never once does it ever occur to them that if they had been realistic or logical they would have at least made an honest effort to follow the directions. Unbelievably they will repeat the same pattern over and over again – denying reality, refusing to really participate, and always off in search of the ‘secret sauce’ that of course you just pour on your computer and it transforms everything into money.

Amazing that they never figure out that the secret sauce is found in w-o-r-k. One must focus on their business consistently and become disciplined within themselves if they want to develop a real business. More than likely the people who do find instant gratification are happy with their work. They have a sense of achievement and accomplishment even before they make their first sale. It is about them having taken action to get started and to take all the steps that will eventually lead to their success.

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