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Is PPC (pay-per-click) Advertising Right For You?

By Home Business Tips business44.com Now let's dive in to today's informative content.. You may have heard the term PPC, which means pay-per-click. This is where you pay for a certain number of clicks on your ads that usually run at the top and sides of Google and other major search engines. You've certainly seen these ads that surround the search results when you type in keywords to search. Indeed, they’re starting to crowd out the organic search results! (A topic for another day…) When you use this type of ad you are paying by the click. You are only paying for the clicks you receive, and obviously you want to make sure they are as targeted to your exact audience as you can make them. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself paying for a lot of nothing! Depending upon the niche and keyword selection, you might be paying anywhere from five cents to $25 or more per click. Obviously, this can get very expensive if you're in a competitive niche market. You need to determine what your costs are, so that you can be profitable. It really is something that you have to test. Anyone who runs a PPC campaign for you needs to do split testing to see which ads work the best for you so that you can make sure you're not unnecessarily paying for worthless traffic. But if you’re profit on a particular product is $50, and you pay 50 cents per click, you’re still making a profit on anything less than 100 clicks. And getting 100 actual visitors to your site who are targeted to a specific interest is far better than throwing money into other types of advertising where you don’t really know what you’re paying for in advance. The primary benefit of PPC is that you are able to get eyeballs to your site fast, and it can be great for testing product offers. The downside is that it can be expensive, with no guarantee of return. (Which of course is why you’re testing in the first place!) The big name in the PPC space is Google Adwords. That said, there are other significant players in the market with Bing and Facebook ads as well. The nice thing is that you are literally less than half an hour away from launching an ad campaign that can put highly targeted prospects in front of your offer today. I encourage you to explore your options!
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