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Secret Diary of a Work At Home Business Woman

Let’s just start out with the bottom line – work-wise, is Kicking It! She works around her life rather than her life needing to somehow fit in around her j-o-b’s.

She gets up when she wakes up, no need for the alarm shock treatment to begin her day! She can come and go as she pleases because she is on a 24-hour clock. There is no rush to cram everything into a small space of time, the ‘8-hour workday’. On the other hand, if she did need to do that for some exceptional reason, for example to free up the rest of the day, she could – it only depends on how it strikes her at the time! Every day can be different! Russian-women-Computer-pictures-11 (1) She knows one must be diligent (number one priority) to plan and organize her time so that all of the daily tasks are completed timely. This allows her to really enjoy her ‘me’ time even more – again, no rushing, no guilt, she will enjoy taking a walk in the fresh air, going shopping and running errands, off and on — and then periodically doing various business functions = in ‘chunks’ – or blocks of time.

Get it done and then escape! This is an important point and that is that you can and should do it the way it works best for you. Can you see how that would make you so much more creative and your mind more open if you were able to do things the way you do them best, rather than having to do them because of some bureaucratic or regimented rule of thumb.

She knows it is of the highest importance after getting everything done on time, that we get out of our offices! Break free! She knows that one doesn’t want to start living in one’s office! It is your office that is in your home. Not your home that is in your office. Or is it? Very important to shut the door – it is not slacking to take your mind away from business for regular periods other than when sleeping!
dreamstime_xs_7359750-300x200 She can get real ‘cabin fever’ or start feeling like a hobbit from being ‘home bound’ too much. Home is where the heart is, but there is a whole world out there – whether we are working in an office building or from home for that matter, we can really miss the whole day – all daylight hours — if we are too immersed in our work all the time!

In fact that scenario is probably more prevalent with those that work from home – working too much instead of not enough. There is no going home from the office when you work at home. She knows that it is not healthy to do nothing but work. When you enjoy your work it is much easier to enjoy your life as well, however ‘too much of a good thing’ is still not being balanced! We need to work hard and get plenty of rest and relaxation too!

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