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The benefits of designing custom stretched & extended saddlebags for custom bagger motorcycles

Written by Deric Tikotsky of www.baggerbags.com Deric Tikotsky is a serial entrepreneur, starting in the computer business, then moving into the exotic car rental field, he found himself being so passionate about the automotive and motorcycle industries that he used his creativity to fuel his passion


A true custom harley motorcycle or bagger is usually a one off motorcycle with usually custom saddlebags, custom side covers, tank shrouds, fenders and of course your custom paint work. Some baggers will also have raked necks or ultra custom fairings that you do not see everyday. Most of these baggers are not meant to be ridden daily as they are usually uncomfortable and sometimes your fairing is so high and your rear so low that you cannot see past your headlight fairing. Realistically, you build a bagger as a piece of art, something that you can stare at and gaulk for hours as a conversation piece or to win trophees at shows. The benefit of building a custom bagger is to earn industry wide recognition and more importantly bragging rights, people recognize you by what you build and the latest, greatest and most appealing designs will bring you international attention very quickly.

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