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What’s Holding Your Work From Home Business Back From Greatness

http://www.advisorleap.com/2017/07/12/whats-holding-your-work-from-home-business-back-from-greatness/Working at home sounds like fun at first, but it’s also difficult. You have to pep yourself up each day and try to overcome the afternoon lulls that come with working alone. It’s important to stay focused on what’s important and why you got into the … What’s Holding Your Work From Home Business Back From Greatness Working from home is difficult in the sense that you aren’t with people all day. Reach out and ask for feedback or input on a project. Don’t be afraid to call your co-workers if they’re working remotely or a friend if you work alone. Go to business networking events in the evenings and meet new people that way. Go visit clients in person if you want more interaction. It takes more effort, but there are ways to get it if you would like to see people more often. Another option is to join social media groups and meet other people who work from home. Social media is a great platform for networking and promoting your business.  
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