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Why Garnering Local Media Attention Pays Off

Courtesy of Jack’s friend Alice Seba Alice Seba Owner of DIYplr.com

images (3) You have a local newspaper, right? You probably also have local magazine publications and radio stations. Do you know the people who work at these outlets? Have you ever interacted with them? Connecting with local media can, and often is, the first step to larger scale media coverage.

Build Relationships

If you want to get coverage on large state and national media outlets, consider starting in your own back yard. Connect with local media reps and begin building relationships with them. Connect with them on social media. Learn where they hang out and introduce yourself. Work to become a valuable asset to them. For example, a local radio talk show host may post questions for their audience on social media. Become active with their page. Offer insight and information.

Learn What They Want

As you build a relationship, learn what their audience needs, wants, and responds to. Explore your business and how you might offer value. Pitch ideas for stories to local media representatives.


Beyond Local Coverage

The media moves quickly. If you are covered by a local media outlet, leverage it for all its worth. Share the coverage on social media. Get your prospects and customers talking about it. And connect with larger media outlets to pitch similar ideas. Your recent coverage fresh in their minds, you may be able to turn a small story into national coverage.

Have a Plan

Connecting with local media can grow to something larger. It all begins by connecting with media representatives right in your own back yard. It’s important to be ready to take action. When a local rep runs a story on you, you want to be prepared for it to grow. Create a media plan and kit.

Your media kit might include:

• Photos of company managers, leaders, and staff • Bios of company managers, leaders, and staff • Videos – these can include product demonstrations and informational videos • Social media URLs • Testimonials and reviews – in some instances brief case studies can be useful as well • Awards and acknowledgments • Notable clients and celebrity endorsements • History – who are you, what do you do, what is your vision and mission? • Product/service description • Contact information • Press releases

Having a kit of this information can help you be ready when the press comes calling. You won’t have to scramble to give them what they need. You’ll be prepared and in position to leverage media coverage for all it’s worth.

If you’re not spending time courting your local audience, you’re probably missing out on profits and opportunities. Everyone knows someone and you probably have influential people right in your community. Get out, meet people and make connections. Leverage the power of online and offline marketing tactics to build your local audience and build your business.

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