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Work-from-home jobs that 10 companies are now hiring for – ABC15 Arizona

By ABC15 Arizona

Some are multi-level marketing jobs. They are legitimate companies, but require you to get friends to join the company and work alongside or “below” you. You may have to throw parties in your home. To learn about even more companies, go to WAHM. Work-from-home jobs that 10 companies are now hiring for “I like to tell my friends I have the shortest commute in town,” Powers said, “about 15 feet every morning.”     He gave up the morning traffic slog when his software company let him move his sales job from a cubicle to his dining room table. “We're able to use things like instant messaging, and WebX technology, and conference calls where you can see people if you need to.”     Grilliot says UHC has moved 25% of its workforce to home based workers, because there is less overhead and it turns out they do a better job at home.

Making it happen right at home – jeffersonpost.com

LANSING-Tucked away in a renovated farm house on Coy Ham Road, Jessica Stansberry’s home is probably closer to the Tennessee state line than West Jefferson. And she’s fine with that. She’s the owner of Southtown Creative, a one-woman marketing … Making it happen right at home
So don’t be afraid to work odd hours if that’s your thing. Stansberry is upfront that she’s not much of an early riser, so when she first started her business and when her sons were younger, she scheduled nearly the entirety of her workday after the sun went down. “Now I’m able to work in blocks of time during the day depending on what’s going on and what I’ve got planned,” Stansberry said. “The point is take advantage of what works for you. If you like to get started early, do that, but don’t feel like you have to work a “normal” schedule just because that’s what you’ve always done.” Or missing a critical opportunity because you’re not looking in the right place. As she’s refined her skills and her marketing message, Stansberry said she’s been able to raise her rates more than 500 percent above the level she started at. She’s better at what she does than when she started, sure, but that bump in price has come largely from the fact that she no longer focuses on work for local clients. “And that’s not saying anything bad about living where we do,” Stansberry said. “But you can find higher paying for whatever it is you do, maybe by looking outside where you currently live. If you can, take advantage of that.”    
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