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By Norberto Mercado Certain business models make it easy to work online by promoting the website you are given when you join an opportunity. Network marketing and affiliate marketing are 2 of the best for this. When you join a network marketing business you are given websites to promote. The same thing is true when you join an affiliate marketing business. In your marketing materials you are also going to be given landing pages you can promote. This is a good way to work online because you can build an email marketing list at the same time. One disadvantage to promoting a replicated website is that everybody is promoting the exact same site. An alternative to this is to get your own website set up. Many people are intimidated by this because they don't have knowledge in setting up a website. This is where the Plug In Profit Site business model is so effective. When you join our affiliate program you're going to get your own website set up for free. You will pay for website hosting and a domain name, but the initial installation doesn't cost you anything. The program contains several business opportunities you can also join. Those are optional, but when you do join them you'll make money recruiting new members. I like this idea because now I work online promoting my new website and I can continue to develop it any way I choose going forward.  
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